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Disaster Recovery, DRC and DRP

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DRC = Disaster Recovery Center, DRP = Disaster Recovery Plan

Issue : cost reduction for DRC, technology, scope
Infrastructure: additional data center, additional communication link, medium to high speed link between data center and DRC, standard and operation procedure

DRC Type:

  • Hot DRC: data, synchronized, backuped, DRC infrastructure, business operation user, disruption , original services
  • Warm DRC: manual switch to DRC system
  • Cold DRC: backup, restoration to DRC center , manual moving to DRC system

Others: Oracle Data Guard, Orale ODG, backup, backup and restore, full bacup, online bakup, differential backup, partial backup, backup to disk, backup to tape, archive log, online log, offline logg, database check, full offline bakup, oline consistent backup

force majeure, exit point, DRC mirroring, BCP, DRC sizing, DRC product, DRC site, online data storage, emergency data processing, hot site facility, host site recovery, ready to run DRC site, contingency plan, contigent DRC, testing, cost, investment on DRC, collocation, data center

image: Menara BNI, Jakarta from Jakarta Pic


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