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Election nominee not even trying to win

Sara Pallin reality check : http://www.samefacts.com/archives/campaign_2008_/2008/09/palin_v_reality.php

Interesting politic stuffs. McCain picks Paling as his Vice President nominee. Mc Cain abuses Palin gender (as woman) to Win presidential election, insulting women intelligency and thinking American women are stupid and will follow this VP pick? Mac thinks people are so gender and racial driven (this is also insulting)? Mc Cain merely takes woman token to win? McCain is 72 and has like 3000 pages of medical problems just from the last 8 years– and he picks someone with a year and a half of statewide experience? Those are not true.

McCain doesn’t even try to win the presidential election, just try to making perception that he runs after the president position. http://mudflats.wordpress.com/2008/08/29/what-is-mccain-thinking-one-alaskans-perspective/ . Sarah Pallin has babygate on youtube, trooper-gate, bridge-gate, daughter-Gate and lot of hidden scandalous tragic histories, next will be mcCain scandal when people knows why McCan chosen her there is something dirty for woman by man.

moretothisthanmeetstheeye (15:02:07) :
I am just wondering if this is more than it seems. Since McCain is the front runner I have the feeling that the GOP thinkers really don’t want to win this election. Another prove would be the highly suspicious VP choice. The old man seems tired, pale and not passionate about the job at all. For me, this is all just theatrics to leave a complete down and out country to the democrats who will have a hard time bringing this ship back on course in four years (more like three really) and who then can be ambushed by a hard core right winger who will blame Obama for what really is the republican’s legacy.

Robert (16:11:15) :

Her record and views on environmental issues are worse than Bush’s (I didn’t think that was possible). This current administration’s abuse of the environment has been horrendous enough. She’s against abortion even in extreme cases, wants Creation taught in schools, appears to hate gays and lesbians and also, upon closer evaluation, seems to be quite cozy with the oil companies. Haven’t we already seen enough abuse of power in which nearly all of Bush’s cabinet picks were heavily invested in oil. It was as though the American public elected an entire special interest group (oil). Do we really want more of that?

Perhaps the reason for this extremely odd pick is that McCain doesn’t really want to be president. He looks tired.

Letter of recommendation from Palin for her family http://extras.mnginteractive.com/live/media/site163/2008/0721/20080721_111415_PalinLetterofRecomend.pdf

Sarah Palin at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_Palin

Washington Post and National Enquirer cited unnamed sources in alleging that the governor had an affair with a busines associate of her husband – Tod Palin.

“I told Congress, thanks but no thanks on that Bridge to nowhere” : I can’t believe Palin would lie so blatantly about something can be so easily discovered- it takes a very easy search to see her platform when running for governor was pro-bridge. What a liar!

The debates it will be Obama/Biden vs Dumb and Dumber.

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