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Home Shcooling and Alternative School, Indonesian Nature Scholl
If you have other home schooling school information, post in comment. Thanks!
Bila ada informasi home shcoling dan sekolah alam silahkan diisikan dengan mengirim Coment.

http://www.sekolahrumah.com: free flashcard, other flash cards, pelajaran ahlak/akhlak, mengenal huruf, mengenal angka

http://sekolahalambandung.com/index.html Sekolah Alam Bandung
Jl. Cikalapa II No. 4, Dago Pojok, Kampung Tanggulan; Bandung – 40135.; Jawa Barat; INDONESIA
Contact Person: * Bpk. Eko Kurnianto ST. +62 22 2501622 * Ibu Rani +62 811 23 1945

http://www.pesantrenalam.org Pesantren Alam
Pesantren Alam Ma’rifatussalam annashr99@yahoo.com +6285880179646
Program Wakaf Tunai: Wakaf tunai

Audit dan Laporan keuangan independen: belum ada (untuk donatur)

Sekolah Alam Cikeas www.sacikeas.com
Alamat: Komplek Puri Cikeas Jl. Letda Natsir, Nagrak, Gunung Putri, Bogor 16967
Komplek Puri Cikeas Jl. Letda Natsir, Nagrak, Gunung Putri, Bogor, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Tlp: 021-8231985/021-68290012 E-mail: info@sacikeas.com

Sekolah Alam Bebas http://www.pelopor-adventure.co.id
For further information please contact: p: +62-21-79180944, f: 021-79180945
Rudi – srudy@camp-pringayu.com
Turah – turah@camp-pringayu.com
Bolang – bolang@camp-pringayu.com

http://www.sekolahalam.org Sekolah Alam Ciganjur
Jl. Anda 7X, Ciganjur Jagakarsa, Jakarta Selatan 12630
Telp. +62-21-7888 1659 Fax 7888 5923
Email: info [at] sekolahalam.org
Dari arah Cilandak: Mikrolet M-20 (jurusan Ps. Minggu-Cipedak), turun di Sekolah Alam/Kelurahan Ciganjur.
Dari arah Depok: Mikrolet 105 (jurusan Depok – Lb. Bulus), sambung Mikrolet M-20.

Kapan pun Anda ingin datang, kami senantiasa akan menyambut dengan senyum dan tangan terbuka. Tentu saja sepanjang di waktu-waktu yang “normal” :). Tetapi kalau boleh kami merekomendasikan datang lah di hari Selasa, hari yang kami sebut sebagai Selasa Ceria . Di hari itu hampir semua murid Sekolah Alam terlibat aktivitas luar ruangan. Ada yang outbound, berkebun, berenang sampai aktivitas terkait life skills.

Other information:


This is a team lead role and will also be hands on in its content. In order to considered for this position:-

1) You must have 5 or more full MM life cycles in experience
2) Must have strong ABAP experience
3) Strong SRM / E-Procurement experience
4) Workflow configuration experience
5) Been a team leader or project manager previous

Salary on offer is between $120,000 to $140,000 USD tax free plus extensive benefits.

If interested, please send me your updated CV and if shortlisted, I will contact you to discuss in more detail.

Kind Regards,

Dominic Hagerty
Pathway IT
Middle East
Phone: +971 4436 0433
Email: d.hagerty@pathwayresourcing.com
Web: http://www.pathwayresourcing.ae

SAP FI and HR:

have an urgent requirement for a SAP FI and HR Specialist.

Below are the job specifications:

1. will need to have knowledge of travel management solution (FI and HR cross over). Implementing expenses projects – looking at using 3rd party product for the entry and then implementing (interfacing) that into SAP Travel Management.

2. basic FI – knowledge of bank accounts, auto reconciliation of bank statements, AR would need to be strong – cash pooling, changing bank account set up to make our money work for us (off setting profit across)

If you are interested please can you call me to discuss and send me an updated CV.


Dion Demetriou
London Commercial
+44 (0)20 7337 2345

Information from http://golek-ilmu.blogspot.com

There is a phenomenon in Indonesia about education concept, called Sekolah Alam (Nature School). This concept established to change paradigm that qualified school must be expensive, so that poor family could not effort a good quality in education.

To answer this paradigm, Lendi Novo the conceptor, try to made an education system which not depend to expensive equipment but made nature as knowledge source. There is another unique idea, the students also could manage this school system.
At the beginning, the location of Sekolah Alam was on Jalan Damai II Ciganjur. Because of some good response and some need, on 2001 Sekolah Alam Ciganjur move to Jalan Anda 7X in front of Kelurahan Ciganjur office, South Jakarta.

If you want to see this school, or perhaps you want to register your son why don’t you try to visit the school. At least it’s an alternative for education or school system in Indonesia. Isn’t it?


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